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Koral Competition Slim Fit Kimono - Blue

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Product Description

The best Gi in the world just got better! Its still your favourite MKM just with a new slim line cut to tailor for all shapes and sizes.
MKM Slim Fit Gis are approved for competition by the CBJJF, AFBJJ and IBJJF.

Features Include:

Synthetic embroidered patches that wil not peel, crack, warp or fade.
Contrast stitching on gi jacket and pants.
Extra belt loops to help keep your pants where they are supposed to be.
Koral exclusive single weave gi material that is soft comfortable and durable.
As with al of our gis - 100% cotton and 100% pre-shrunk.
Jacket is made from one piece of fabric, with no seam in the back, providing strength, comfort and durability.
EVA foam rubber collar keeps it soft, dries the gi faster and helps prevent bacteria and fungus developing.
The gi cut provides unrestricted movement whilst allowing a tight fit making the gi hard to grab.

Belt not included.


Washing after each use may increase durability.
Follow washing instructions on label.
Do not bleach.
Cold wash.
Tumble dry on gentle cycle.
Air drying is recommended.

Size guide is below:

A0 = 155cm-165cm + < 65kg
A1 = 165cm-175cm + < 75kg
A2 = 175cm-185cm + < 85kg
A3 = 185cm-195cm + < 105kg
A4 = 195cm-205cm + < 120kg
A5 = 195cm-205cm + > 120kg