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Koral Harmonik Kimono - Blue

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The all NEW Harmonik kimono specifically designed for the female Jiu Jitsu fighter. The Harmonik is made with all the quality you have come to expect from the World's best kimono maker.

The World's only 100% pre shrunk 100% cotton, Kimono. Please note washing instructions and do not use a tumble dryer on hot. 

Washing after each use may increase durability.
Follow washing instructions on label.
Do not bleach.
Cold wash.
Tumble dry on gentle cycle.
Air drying is recommended.

* Note pre shrunk maximum sizes ( These are a suggested guide only based on previous sales!) 

A1 - From 1.45m - 1.55m + < 55kg
A2 - From 1.55m - 1.65m + < 65kg
A3 - From 1.65m - 1.75m + < 75kg
A4 - From 1.75m and above 75kg