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Koral Classic Blue

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 The World's best kimono company presents the New Classic. Continuing the best of the previous classic with coloured stiching and a few other surprises.

The World's only 100% pre shrunk 100% cotton, Kimono. Extra light and super tough with a unique cut that makes for an unbelievable fit. Please note washing instructions and do not use a tumble dryer on hot. 

Washing after each use may increase durability.
Follow washing instructions on label.
Do not bleach.
Cold wash.
Tumble dry on gentle cycle.
Air drying is recommended.

* Note pre shrunk maximum sizes ( These are a suggested guide only based on previous sales!) 

A0 = 155cm-165cm + < 60kg 
A1 = 165cm-175cm + < 75kg 
A2 = 175cm-185cm + < 85kg 
A3 = 185cm-195cm + < 105kg 
A4 = 195cm-205cm + < 120kg